Most of us in the Western world just view Indian food as, well, ‘Indian food’. But actually the traditional dishes we enjoy so much today actually come from different areas of India, and both can be very different. A good example of iconic regions of food from across India are Bangalore in South India and New Dheli in North India.

Northern Indian foods:

Indian food at Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Butter chicken

A beautiful melody of tender chicken breast cooked in a smooth tomato reduction.

Malai Kofta

Balls of paneer that have been cooked with a mild and creamy sauce and then decorated with dried fruits and nuts.

Lamb Rogan Josh

A classic in the Western world, rogan josh is a staple amongst most, if not all, Indian takeaways and restaurants. Succulent lamb is cooked in a spicy sauce that contains hints of coconut and curry leaves.

Palek Paneer

Another Iconic staple, palek paneer is one of the most popular choices for a vegetarian dish. Rich cubes of paneer are stewed in a mild sauce of spinach. Both the colour and aromas are beautiful and this versatile dish can also be made vegan by switching the paneer for tofu.

Fish Amritsari

Fish amritsari is for the seafood fans and it does not disappoint. Fresh fillets of fish (usually sea bass) are coated with different spices and seasonings and then deep fried for a delicately crispy finish.

South Indian foods:


If you’ve never tried dosas, add it to your ‘must try’ list! Dosas resemble paper-thin pancakes but instead of wheatflour, they’re made using a combination of fermented rice and lentils. You can choose to eat these delights either plain but with an array of chutneys for dipping or with a spicy and tantalising filling.


Vadas are a type in Indian savoury doughnuts and as you can imagine, they are Devine. They can also be part of a South Indian breakfast (or a hangover cure in the west!). The batter is made from a combination of black lentils, spices and black pepper and pairs incredibly with different chutneys.


If you think savoury pancakes and doughnuts are wild, wait until you try an uttapam. Somewhere in between pancakes and pizza, these savoury hybrids are made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils. These pizza-cakes? Are are incredibly versatile and can be completely customised with whatever toppings you fancy.


Pongal, also commonly known as ‘huggi’ is a very popular rice dish. The word ‘Pongal’ translates from Tamil as ‘boil’ and this dish is exactly that. Pongal is a beautiful dish where rice has been boiled with milk and sugar. If the sweet option sounds too sickly for you, there is also a savoury option cooked with butter.


In the North of India, It’s common to start your day or end your meal with an aromatic hot Chai. In Southern India it’s much more common to finish your meal with a coffee that’s been made with chicory.