Indian food selection in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Located on the High Street, Chingford, is a hidden gem called Mumbai Maska. This South Indian restaurant serves up authentic Indian cuisine using recipes that travelled over with the owners straight from Mumbai.

The dishes are as authentic as can be and the Michelin Star trained chef sources his spices direct from farms in India, as only the best will do! The masala dosa is amazing and a must try – it’s a delicious rice and lentil pancake filled with spiced potatoes and served with coconut chutney and sambar (a lentil and vegetable soup).

Indian food selection in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for some excellent food, look no further than Mumbai Maska. They serve up all of your favourite dishes, plus some unique specialties that you’ll definitely want to try. Their biryani is absolutely to die for – I highly recommend the chicken biriyani!

But if you’re not in the mood for a rice based dish, they’ve got plenty of other fantastic options like vada pav, gosht gucci and of course, curry.

And don’t even get me started on their desserts! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this restaurant.

Mumbai Maska: Rising to the Top with their Homemade Breads

Vada Pav in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Mumbai Maska is a traditional Indian restaurant in the heart of London that is serving up authentically tasty food.

What separates them from other Indian restaurants in the city is own buns and bread that they make by hand.

Naan bread in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Through the option kitchen, you can watch the chefs make roti, naan, and pav from scratch, and it really is a first class experience to watch the magic happen.

Mumbai Maska has been gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike, and it’s no wonder why with their delicious, fresh baked breads! Book you and your friends a table this evening so you can all enjoy a taste of these wonderful fluffy breads and use them to mop up any left overs from mouth watering curry!

Mumbai Maska’s Delicious Dessert Menu: Try These Tempting Michelin Star Treats!

Indian dessert in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Mumbai Maska is known for its delicious Indian street food, but did you know that it also has an amazing dessert menu? If you’re looking for something sweet and decadent to satisfy your cravings, then you need to check out these tempting treats! With their wide selection of Michelin Star desserts, there’s sure to be something that will tantalise your taste buds.

Indian dessert in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Our favourites include the Gulab Jamon cheesecake, Saffron Malai cake and the Apple Chuski Falooda. And don’t forget to try their delicious triple scoop ice cream!

Indian dessert in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Not many Indian restaurants serve such decadent and beautiful desserts and ensure authentic taste, especially at these low prices! Be sure to book a table today before they’re all full of people trying Mumbai Maska’s delicious food and heavenly desserts!

Available for both dining in and takeaway.

Mumbai Maska is the New Restaurant & Bar People are Talking About

Drinks selection in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Mumbai Maska, the much-talked-about Indian restaurant in London, has just announced that it is now serving cocktails and mocktails. This is great news for those who love Indian food – because now you can enjoy a delicious drink to go with your meal!

Each of their exquisite cocktails and mock tails have been expertly crafted around a dish from the menu, so they are a perfect match. If you’re a lover of Indian food, get ready to be a lover of Indian cocktails! They do such brilliant mock tails that you won’t even miss the alcohol, yay!

Cocktail in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

The fantastic staff are always on hand to help you choose which amazing cocktails are right for you and your favourite dishes. Trust me when I say this a fantastic evening that you and your friends will remember!

Cocktail in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

So what are you waiting for? Book a table now for some excellent Indian food and some beautiful drinks!

Mumbai Maska: Taking Indian Food to the Next Level

Indian food in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Mumbai Maska is a restaurant that takes Indian food to the next level. Proud to serve authentic food from generations of passed down recipes, Mumbai Maska is very quickly becoming a trend in the foodies world of London.

The restaurant offers an intimate setting with a modern twist, and the menu features traditional Indian dishes with a contemporary flair.

Indian food in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Their aim is to share with London the welcoming community of Mumbai by creating sensational Indian dishes such as pepper chicken, special Mumbai fish curry and dal makani.

This amazing Indian cuisine that they serve at the restaurant are just what the owner Mr Rajan, would of eaten growing up in his community on the Indian subcontinent. He knows how great food can bring people together and he wanted to share this with us all here in London.

A Dish for Everyone at Mumbai Maska

Indian food in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Another reason Mumbai Maska has to be proud of itself is their innovative thinking to be able give everyone a taste of Mumbai and its incredible food.

This Indian restaurant has really thought of everyone and its open mindedness has led to this restaurant having menus with food to suit everyone.

Meat dishes

Indian food in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

So if you’re a meat eater, you can enjoy dishes such as Murgh tikka masala, keema pav, Indian special lamb chops, chicken dosa and of course tandoori chicken.

Vegetarian and Vegans Dishes

Indian food in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

If you prefer vegan or vegetarian food, you too have many high quality options such as vada pav, vegetable dosa, vegetable kolapuri, kadi pakora and luxurious charcoal simmered dals.

Seafood Dishes

Indian food in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

If fish is more your style, there’s lots of tasty options for you too! Choose from such delicious Indian food as coconut jhinga curry, special Mumbai fish curry and koliwada calamari.

All of these dishes on their menu are available for takeaway and delivery through their website (Mumbai Maska – Indian Restaurant in Chingford, London) and if you’re dining in, any meal of your choice can be amendment to be gluten-free or less or more spicy!

Indian food selection in Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant

Our meals are of the highest quality using only the finest hand picked ingredients so each dish is prepared and cooked when the order comes in, so nothing is reheated!

Our friendly staff are always happy to help, so get in touch and book a table today!

Mumbai Maska Indian Restaurant