The Great Standing, Greater London

Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest

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King Henry III: Tudor Hunt Day

Henry VIII and the Royal Parks - The Royal Parks

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Chingford is best known as the former home of King Henry VIII’s hunting lodge. The building, now known as Great Standing, was completed in 1543 and served as a place for the king to view deer being chased in the nearby forest land of Epping Forest, previously Waltham Forest.

As Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge was built during the reign of King Henry VIII, it was designed with the Tudor fashion architecture. It was constructed from large oak trees and the oak timbers can spotted all around the building.

This included a traditional Tudor kitchen that must have served up some of the most exquisite Tudor food, which guests would eat in the dining room. Through the huge windows on the ground floor, they had the most spectacular view of Waltham Forest.

The second floor windows didn’t actually exist as only the windows on the ground floor of the hunting lodge were used to hunt the deer that were rounded up by the hunting party from the medieval hunting forest.

The deer would of then of been prepared and cooked on the ground floor in the timber framed Tudor kitchen, most likely enjoyed by Tudor visitors as they chatted and shared views of the Waltham Forest land.

As Henry VIII would prepare for a traditional Tudor hunt day, he would of worn one of his iconic Tudor outfits, complete with a feather adorned hat.

Epping Forest, also known as the medieval royal hunting forest, would of been rich in Tudor history, much like the hunting lodge. Its remarkable and rare survival shows us a lot about Tudor fashion, Tudor food and Tudor history.

The ground floor of Great Standing has shallow wooden stairs that lead to the upper floors where you can see more of Tudor history intact.

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Queen Elizabeth I oil painting

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The Grade II listed building, has three floors where visitors can expect to also see preserved Elizabethan history.

Elizabeth I also used the lodge during her reign and it is more commonly known as the Queen Elizabeth hunting lodge.

It’s not certain whether Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge was ever actually visited by her, but it’s rumoured she may of visited when she received news of the Spanish Armada.

Who owns the Hunting Lodge today?

Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge

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Today, the City of London Corporation is responsible for managing Epping Forest. This includes maintaining the forest’s 6,000 acres of land, protecting its wildlife and trees, and providing recreational facilities for the public to enjoy.

The Corporation works closely with a number of partners to ensure the Forest is well-managed and preserved for future generations. These partners include the Environment Agency, Essex County Council, the Forestry Commission, and the Metropolitan Police.

Epping Forest is a popular spot for a number of activities, including walking, cycling, horse riding, and picnicking. The forest also hosts a number of events throughout the year, such as open-air theatre performances and concerts.

Epping Forest is home to a number of important wildlife species, including red deer, woodpeckers, and songbirds. The forest is also an important site for ancient trees, with over 1,000 veteran trees present.

The City of London Corporation is committed to ensuring that Epping Forest remains a valuable asset for both people and wildlife. In order to achieve this, the Corporation has put in place a number of management practices, such as tree planting and habitat restoration.

Today, it has been extensively restored and houses a museum managed by the City of London Corporation but still displays a unique example of Tudor times.

Chingford is also home to The Little Standing, a smaller hunting lodge located about a mile away in Loughton. This lodge is part of the Warren, the Epping Forest HQ.

Entry ticket price

Admission to the museum is free entry although you can pay £5 for a private tour.

School Groups

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting lodge is a fun visit and suitable for school groups where children can learn vast amounts about Tudor history.

How to access Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

The Great Standing is easily accessible by public transport and is just an 8 minutes walk from Chingford station, via London Overground.

There are a number of car parks surrounding the hunting lodge including Barn Hoppitt car park, Warren Pond car park, Chingford Plain car park, Connaught Water car park and a small car park on site.

The Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is also fully accessible and has disabled parking in our small car park.

Be sure to check their website for the full list of opening times so you can plan your fun day out!

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4 Elements of The Best High Ropes Course | Adventure Experience

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