Whether you’re on a health-kick or wondering how to make these delicious takeaway classics at home, we have the perfect recipes for you to get your teeth into. Not only is home cooking better for you, you can control which ingredients are used to suit any dietary needs and preferences. These recipes will teach you how to create tasty authentic kebabs from home that your friends and family will love.

Kebabs are versatile and can be amended if you’re cutting out certain food groups such as carbs. They can even be switched to vegetarian-friendly ingredients for a beautiful dish that everyone can enjoy, Lamb Sheekh Kebab are easily available at all Indian Restaurants

Lamb Shish Kebab by Greedy Gourmet

lamb shish kebab by greedy gourmet

These aromatic beauties are perfect for showing off your barbecue skills, even if you’re a beginner. Impress your friends and family with this mouth-watering Persian lamb skewer dish

Lamb Gola Kebabs by Blogs By Fa

lamb gola kebabs by blogs by fa

These gorgeous home cooked kebab patties are perfect for sunny barbecues or mid-week meals where no barbecues are needed. Step this recipe up a notch by placing a piece of burning charcoal on top of foil over your kebab mixture (before cooking or after) to give them that authentic smokey flavour.

Lamb Kofta Pittas by Hungry Healthy Happy

lamb shawarma by recipes from a pantry

A classic pairing of warm pitta bread housing freshly cooked lamb kofta that has been stuffed with roasted vegetables, crispy salad and finished with a sprinkling of delicious feta cheese, hummus and tzatziki. A perfect option for lunch or dinner and an impressive dish for barbecue gatherings.

Lamb Shawarma by Recipes From A Pantry

lamb kebabs with raisin tabbouleh by try lamb

This beautiful Middle Eastern recipe is packed full of flavour and can be easily amended to suit low-carb or gluten free diets. Lamb Shawarma can be cooked at home on the grill or outside on a barbecue so is another perfect option for lunch, dinner or social gatherings.

Lamb Kebabs with Raisin Tabbouleh by Try Lamb

lamb kebabs with raisin tabbouleh try lamb

We can’t think of a better Middle Eastern combination than freshly grilled lamb kebabs and tasty tabbouleh. Let the lamb marinade for as long as you possibly can (the aromatic scents will convince you otherwise!) to let the spices and flavours absorb and tenderise the lamb. This recipe is perfect for summer barbecues and dinner parties.