Our Story

What makes Mumbai Maska special

Taken from the Hindu language, ‘Mumbai Maska’ translates to ‘Cream of Mumbai’. Our name is the perfect description of the type of food we want to bring to you – fresh, authentic and exceptionally flavoured using all the spices and colours of Mumbai. Our team of highly trained, dedicated and creative chefs have the ultimate aim of providing only the most delicious handpicked ingredients and flavours.

Our focus here at Mumbai Maska is to provide you with a distinguished Indian dining experience that uses only the best traditional homemade recipes, so you can enjoy authentic Mumbai food right here in London. To ensure our dishes are true to authenticity, our freshly ground spices are sourced from farmers in India, which in turn provides sustainability from across the world. Our food represents only the most popular dishes served in the city of Mumbai and we pride ourselves on cooking delicacies that use beautiful aromatic spices which are beneficial to your health, as well as your tastebuds.

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Much like London, Mumbai is a city of bright lights and culture that never sleeps. The energy of the busy city streets is expressed in the distinct colours and fragrant spices used in Mumbai food.

Each of our dishes have been expertly paired with a selection of signature cocktails and beverages so your authentic Indian adventure doesn’t just begin with indulgent food. Come and visit Mumbai Maska and you’ll be in awe at our 30ft hand painted mural of all the most precious landmarks of Mumbai.