Chicken is the all-time praised hero when it comes to authentic Indian cuisine. Its mild flavour creates a blank canvas that can be dressed up with an abundance of aromas and spices.

Angara Chicken Tikka

Imagine succulent pieces of boneless chicken breast that have been marinaded in a beautiful blend of chilli and garlic and then lavishly flavoured with authentic ground Dhaba (street) spices. But the journey doesn’t end there, the aromatic chicken is cooked to perfection in a traditional smokey tandoor oven. Yum yum!

Murg Malai Tikka

This dish promises tender pieces of boneless chicken breast that has been marinaded in a deliciously unique blend of yoghurt, cream, cheese, cardamon and a special spice mix. All finished in a traditional Indian clay oven. Indulgent and heavenly!

Chilli Chicken

Next up is an out-of-this-world appetiser that’s going to blow your socks off (in the best way). Chilli chicken is of Indonesian-Chinese origin where juicy pieces of chicken are tossed in a tangy sauce and then garnished with fresh spring onions and mixed peppers. Refreshing and zingy, chilli chicken is a perfect way to start any food adventure.

Butter (Maska) Chicken

Butter chicken is the bread and butter of any traditional Indian restaurant. This dish comes highly recommended by the chefs at Mumbai Maska and they’ve mastered the recipe completely. Tender boneless chicken breast is lovingly cooked in a rich, creamy tomato reduction. A must try for any die-hard Indian foodies.

Methi Chicken

Another dish that comes highly recommended by the chefs at Mumbai Maska, Methi Chicken is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a more fragrantly authentic Indian dish. Succulent chicken is flavoured with an array of traditional Indian spices and aromatic mustard leaves. The sauce is cream and spinach based and is oh-so-tasty!

Chicken Jalfrezi

You may of come across this name multiple times when browsing an Indian food menu but have never really been sure what it actually is. Chicken Jalfrezi is a traditionally spicy Indian curry (emphasis on the spicy), where tasty chicken pieces have been perfectly cooked with freshly roasted Kadhi (curry) spices and then tossed with onions and peppers. Prepare for tastebud lift off!

Chicken Dum Biryani

A Dum Biryani means that the dish has been prepared by layering spices, rice and meat in a Handi. A Handi is a traditional Indian vessel used for cooking that is commonly made using copper or clay. Mumbai Maska’s Chicken Dum Biryani is a speciality of only the juiciest cuts of chicken, long grain basmati rice and beautiful spices. It is served with a traditional Raita (yoghurt based dip) and pairs perfectly with a freshly cooked Roti (flatbread).

Murg Dhaba

As we learned earlier, Dhaba translates to ‘Street’ or ‘Streetfood’. In India, it is common for truck drivers to take a break and eat at a Dhaba restaurant. Murg Dhaba is an authentic Indian curry where chicken on the bone is cooked with fragrant ground spices and tossed with roasted onions. It is a popular dish amongst the truck drivers of India, making it one of the most popular choices for curries.