When you think of Indian cuisine, your first thought may not vegetable dishes but instead recipes that concentrate on chicken and lamb. But in actual fact, nearly 40% of India is vegetarian and they have found many ways to create the perfect vegetarian meals. Here are the top 8 vegetarian dishes you need to try at an Indian restaurant – all of which can be ordered at Mumbai Maska.

Vada Pav

Vada is a deep-fried potato patty and Pav simply translates to bread. Together, you have a Vada Pav which is one of the most popular street foods you’ll find in India. The large centre piece which is the deep-fried potato is beautifully spiced and then fried until it is delicately crispy on the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside. What makes the Mumbai Maska Vada Pav special is that the chefs make the rolls by hand and then decorate them with their secret tangy sauces. Of course no Vada Pav is complete without the fried green chillies to create an extra explosion of flavour. This dish is perfect if you’re looking for an authentic Indian classic or if you want to freshen up your lunch break.

Dahi Puri

Dahi translates to yoghurt and Puri means anything that has been puffed – like pastry. Dahi Puri are the most beautiful little orbs of pastry that are bursting with flavour. They are stuffed to the brim with refreshing vegetables, chaat masala, zingy chutneys and sweet yoghurt. They make a wonderful starter that is perfect for sharing across the dining table. These are another very popular choice of street food in India and you can find carts selling them on the roadside all across the country.

Pindi Chana

If you’re waiting to hear about a satisfying and hearty dish, look no further. Pindi is a region in Pakistan and Chana means chickpeas. This chickpea curry is incredibly fragrant as it is created using all kinds of traditional spices. It will allure you in with its rich, deep colours and its garnish of ginger and coriander is enough to give even meat lovers a second look. The best part of Pindi Chana is that the chickpeas make it a comforting and filling meal, leaving just enough room for dessert!

Methi Mutter Malai

Methi translates into fenugreek, mutter into peas and malai into cream. These divine ingredients come together to create a vibrant, creamy and moreish curry. With fragrant notes of fenugreek and a variety of other traditional Indian spices, Methi Mutter Malai is a dish you need to try so you can cross off another tasty, authentic Indian dining experience.

Chilli Paneer

This one is for those who are a lover of both texture and flavour. Paneer is a traditional Indian cheese that holds its shape together and makes the perfect main ingredient for any Indian food and dish. This recipe includes a combination of fresh peppers, onions and paneer that have been simmered lovingly in a vibrant tomato reduction.

Masala Fries

If you’re not quite ready to jump into the Indian dining experience at the deep end, Masala Chips are the perfect way to get your feet wet. Delicately crispy potato chips are tossed and combined with a secret selection of spices. Great to share (or to keep all to yourself!).

Tandoori Phool

Yes, that’s right. Vegetarians can also enjoy all the traditional and smoky flavours of the tandoor oven! Fresh crunchy broccoli is spiced with beautiful Indian spices and then threaded onto a skewer where it is then cooked at an amazingly hot temperature until perfectly crisp and fragrant.

Okra Fries

Throwing in a curveball with this authentic tasty side dish. Otherwise known as ‘Lady Fingers’, Okra is a long green vegetable that is native to India.