Naan bread is one of the most popular sundries ordered through Indian restaurants and takeaways. This is because of the naan bread’s versatile flavours and that it makes the perfect accompaniment to any Indian meal as it can be used to scoop up tasty rice, meat or vegetables and any left over delicious curry gravies. Anyone would agree that being able to eat your utensils at the end of your meal is a win-win (not to mention good for the planet!).

Origin of Naan Bread

Naan bread is a type of Indian flatbread that originated in the 1300’s. Although it is notorious for being an Indian side dish, it’s possible that naan bread actually originated in Persia. Naan bread is traditionally cooked using an Indian Tawa (a versatile round cooking utensil that is dome shaped so that the outer side can be used for cooking flatbread and the inside as a wok). So let’s begin by delving into our list of the tastiest Indian foods that pair perfectly with warm, fresh naan bread.

Lamb Madras

For those who like it hot, this one is for you! Lamb madras is a spicy yet flavoursome curry that has been cooked gently with an added touch of coconut and curry leaves. Your naan will be the perfect accompaniment to soak up all that leftover flavour.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is seen almost everywhere and for good reason! It’s an absolute classic and the perfect example of a dish that should never be changed, not even slightly. The balance of flavours and textures come from a beautiful combination of tender boneless chicken pieces that have been lovingly cooked in a creamy tomato reduction. Don’t forget to soak up all that wonderful left over gravy with a freshly baked naan!

Murg Dhaba

Perhaps one of the most underrated curries in the Western area, Murg Dhaba is very popular in India – especially amongst truck and long distance drivers. Typically served in small roadside food stalls, Murg Dhaba makes the tastiest pit stop for anyone needing a well deserved break. This traditional chicken curry is jam-packed with flavours and aromas from the all the different spices and onions which is why it pairs so well with any naan of your choice.

Dal Makani

This one is for the hearty vegetarian food lovers and even more so as it has the best consistency and texture for being enjoyed with a naan (or two!). Dal Makani is a beautiful combination of black lentils, tomatoes, garlic and ginger that have been simmered slowly through the night over a charcoal fire. It is then finished with fresh cream and a dollop of unsalted butter.

Lamb Rogan Josh

This lamb based curry is incredibly satisfying as it is made with both meat and lentils. Both of which are slowly simmered together beautifully and then flavoured with aromatic cumin seeds. You can use your fluffy, warm naan to eat this curry instead of rice if you’d prefer!

Pindi Channa

Another wonderful vegetarian dish, this time cooked with chickpeas instead of lentils. This dish has an absolutely beautiful fragrance and also looks incredibly tempting. When you’ve run out of chickpeas, the delicious gravy must not be left behind, so be sure to add a naan of your choosing to mop up the left overs!

Paneer Tikka Masala

If you’re a fan of vegetarian meals but are missing the texture of chicken, Indian paneer will fill that void. A traditional type of Indian cheese that absorbs all the flavours of the spices it’s cooked in, this one in particular has lots of tantalising tikka masala gravy for you to enjoy with your choice of naan bread.