It can be difficult to determine what exactly an Indian meal consists of as most of the time us Westerners don’t understand the words on the menu or know what the ingredients are, so here is your guide to the top 10 best Indian dishes you need to try.

Pav Baji

If you ask anyone who is familiar with the Indian culture about Pav Baji, they’re sure to sings its praises. A popular street food in India, Pav Paji consists of freshly baked bread squares (pav) which is served with an assortment of fresh vegetables that have been cooked on a hot Tava (traditional Indian griddle pan) alongside flavoursome masala topped with a dollop of butter.


Dosa is a very popular Indian type of pancake which is made using milled rice or lentils. It can either be served with vegetables or meat and is finished with a range of vibrant chutneys. Also available as a sweet version, Dosa is a 2-for-1 tasty choice.

Bun Maska

Often we think of tea-time as a very British occasion, but we forget that tea leaves were originally sourced from India. Bun Maska is the perfect traditional tea-time treat for whenever you need a break from the busy modern life. A beautifully freshly baked fluffy bun is served with a spread of delicately flavoured butter alongside aromatic Indian chai (tea).

Amritsari Fish

A popular street food in Punjab, Amritsari fish can vary between which fish is used depending on the region. A mixture of spices and flours are coated on the fish and then deep fried until satisfyingly crunchy. Usually served with tangy chutneys or rice.

Murg Mălai Tikka

This one if for the chicken lovers and it might just be your new favourite dish. Tender pieces of chicken breast are marinated with a lavish blend of fresh yogurt, cream, cheese and specially chosen spices. What gives the dish its signature flavour is that it’s cooked in a Tandoor (a traditional Indian clay oven that reaches immensely hot temperatures).

Tandoori Mushroom

Fear not vegetarians as you also get to enjoy the flavours of the authentic Tandoor! A large, fresh mushroom that has been marinated with aromatic spices and then stuffed with cheese and potato is then seasoned perfectly with black salt, roasted garlic and pepper. Baked in a traditional Tandoor to give it that smokey, rich flavour.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a staple in any Indian restaurant in Chingford. A popular choice by people from all over the world, this dish is sure to comfort you on cold winter days. Succulent chicken breast is is lovingly spiced and then simmered in a beautifully creamy tomato reduction. Perfect to pair with any Indian flatbreads so you can mop up any left over sauce.

Lamb Madras

Lamb madras is a perfect choice for those of you with a spicier preference. A vibrant red colour to match the fieriness of this flavoursome curry, it’s sure to blow your socks off! Cooked with a touch of curry leaves and coconut, this dish is commonly served with Raita (a yogurt and mint based dip).

Coconut Jhinga Curry

Imagine juicy king prawns that have been lovingly cooked in a hot and spicy Kolhapuri Masala sauce and served with a delicate garnish. That, my friends, is Coconut Jhinga Curry! Best enjoyed with a portion of fragrant basmati rice.

Saag with Paneer

You may of come across the word ‘Saag’ a few times before, but what does it actually mean? Saag simply translates into spinach. Saag with Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) is a beautiful pairing of mild flavours that have been combined with aromatic spices, mustard leaves and then finished with cream.

With something for every taste, Indian food really is the perfect adventure.